Kathy O’Malley & Judy Market were a regular staple for morning listeners in Chicago for years, and I had the chance to work with them on a number of occasions.

Being on the air with them was a riot! They had people calling in and agreeing with me about my insight from reviewing their handwriting.

But a favorite time in my career as a handwriting analysis was appearing at their convention. Thousands of people attended and the lines that formed to receive readings from me were staggering!

They had very nice things to say afterward:

“… Clearly, you were an instrumental part in making the event a success. But, knowing the length of the ever-present line for your booth, you must know how well-received you were!

“Obviously, we were lucky enough to receive readings from you without the lines, in what made for a great radio bit. But it was especially impressive to see you take time with each of the hundreds of our girlfriend listeners who stopped by to see what you had to say. We’ve heard from a number of them who were impressed with the accuracy of your analyses, and we’re not surprised. You do good work…

I miss Kathy & Judy, as do many Chicagoans who tuned in regularly for their program, and I wish them well.