Just like “George” on “Seinfeld”, l used to be a hand-model. Truly… l was…and it’s just as weird as they
portrayed it to be. People complimented me on how photogenic my hands were and I was paid
hundreds of dollars to pose with everything from expensive pens to credit cards to a small cup of Pepto-

George was always my favorite Seinfeld character and the hand-modeling episode was always one of my
favorites, but the one that really spoke to me was the episode where George gave up sex and suddenly
became “brilliant” – speaking Portuguese, pondering deep psychological questions, solving difficult
physics problems and showing wisdom totally uncharacteristic of who we believed to be “George.”

The “lights came on” for George in that episode… for a while.

I had a moment in life when I felt like I turned that kind of corner: an “a-haa” moment when I felt
released by the preoccupation with myself, my own needs and wants, and selfish desires, and realized
how amazing and different life could be when I could think of somebody else before myself.

There are all kinds of Scriptures that encourage us to “let go” of selfish desires, but the hard part is
believing what God could do in us and for us without those “crutches” we’ve lived with for so long.

What could you accomplish if for one day or one week you made a conscious decision to think of
someone else’s needs before your own? How would that change your world?