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A Basic Guide to Handwriting Analysis
Book: Handwriting Analysis 101 by Dale Roberts and Pat Peterson
Are you curious to know what your handwriting says about your personality? How about the handwriting of friends, family, or special someone? The signs are right in front of you, if you only knew how to read them!

If you’ve always wondered how handwriting analysis is done and what various strokes and letters mean, but don’t have the time for a lengthy class, we have the solution!

This book by Dale Roberts and Pat Peterson is filled with theory, practice, and pages of examples. Use it to better understand yourself, your spouse, or your employees, or better yet, your prospective employee – the one with an impeccable resume, but with that “can’t put your finger on it” problem.

What You Will Find

The book is loaded with writing samples, using eleven different metrics: size, slant, width, connections, pressure, zones, legibility, printing, line direction, margins, and signature.

There’s even a multi-page table of detailed descriptions of the many ways each letter of the alphabet might be written, with clues to the person’s true self hidden in every stroke.

The layout of the book makes it so easy for you to compare your handwriting samples to each of the many examples shown, and draw your own conclusions about the personalities of your friends, coworkers or special someone.

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