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Handwriting Analysis for BusinessHANDWRITING ANALYSIS FOR BUSINESS

At the core of business success is the ability to create and build successful relationships. Nobody succeeds alone. Regardless of your “position”, the quality of your life and work improve when others trust that you see the value in and care about them.

Dale is a businessman.  When he comes to work with you he fits right in.  (He’s sometimes mistaken for Warren Buffett – and there are worse things than having people think you look like one of the richest men in the world yet believe you’re a down-to-earth guy who listens.)

As a trained actor with over thirty years of experience as a spokesman in industrial/training videos, commercials, hand (and foot!) modeling, and world-wide radio drama his is a voice and presence that are listened to… because people know he listens to them. With 40+ years of experience in sales and working in the corporate world, he has learned a lot that provides value and benefit to you, helping you to communicate your message.

Here are a few ways:

  • TEAM-BUILDING EVENTS – Dale brings handwriting analysis to your team to improve communication and help your team understand both themselves and their co-workers and why and how YOU understand and value THEM.
  • LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT – a comprehensive handwriting report gives you great talking points to discuss with the individuals you are trying to help grow.
  • TRADE SHOW/CONFERENCE BOOTH ATTRACTION – what’s the biggest challenge at a trade show? Drawing people to your booth and giving them a reason to stick around long enough for you to connect with them.  Having Dale in your booth does exactly that: he looks like “one of your own” yet offers those who come to your booth a personal, informative, and unique value that they will NOT get at any other booth in the entire show.
  • EXECUTIVE RETREATS – Why do them? What good are they?  Why invest the time and the money if it doesn’t give value?  Having Dale as “one of the group” gives insight both personally and collectively that will give your top management something to talk about.
  • CORPORATE EVENTS…  CLIENT APPRECIATION…  DONOR APPRECIATION – Why do people attend any event?  They come hoping for a fun and memorable time… and if they learn something about themselves or someone they love, so much the better!  What better gift to give people you want to show appreciation to than something that is 100% personal and leaves them with greater understanding, awareness, and insight on who they are… the “write insights!”
  • A GREAT PROGRAM THAT EVERYONE WILL ENJOY – Dale has presented “Write Insights” to groups large and small across the country. Everyone writes!  Everyone learns about how to recognize what their own handwriting means … and how that impacts their life in positive ways. “Write Insights” is fun, informative, and entertaining – what I call Info-tainment.Whether your group is 10 or 50 or over 100, it will be fun for all.” And be sure to Watch Dale’s Video HERE to learn more about INFO-TAINMENT!

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  • EVENT GUESTS – so they can learn what their handwriting says about them!
  • PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEES – so you can learn about the person you may hire!


Whether your party is an intimate dinner for close friends or a large gathering, having Dale there will add to the festivities by providing something unique and fun for your guests’ enjoyment.

Dale will come equipped with paper and pen. Give him a place to sit with a couple chairs and he’ll be busy for the whole party. Everyone is curious what their handwriting says about them. With just a few lines and a signature to work from, Dale will engage them in a fun conversation that reveals a LOT about them.

Handwriting Analysis at Private Event
  • What type of personality do they have?
  • Introvert or extrovert?
  • Talker or Listener?
  • Organized or Disorganized?
  • How did their parents influence them?
  • Optimistic or pessimistic?
  • What irritates them?
  • Does their spouse drive them crazy?
  • Are they in the right career for them?

If your event is a “special celebration” for someone, Dale can “profile” the “guest of honor” for the group to remind them why this person is so special. Whatever the occasion, Dale will tailor what he does to meet YOUR needs and make your party something guests are talking about for days afterward. (Most of Dale’s work comes from satisfied clients who routinely share his contact information with friends.)

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As a Certified Professional Life Coach, Dale uses his 36+ years of experience as a Professional Handwriting Analyst to help you gain a greater awareness of who you are, how you think, and what makes you “tick.”

Not everyone is interested in on-going coaching, but an individual handwriting analysis report followed by a one-hour consultation can go a long way in helping you find your way.

A handwriting analysis report by a trained graphologist can reveal a lot about how you really think, what you really believe, and how your life has influenced who you are today. The clarity and perspective provide great value in determining who you want to BE, where you want to GO and what you want to DO.

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